Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the topics usually asked about by our patients. 
If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult the physician approved literature provided to you before searching WebMD or another medical website. 

Will Dr. Walsh treat me?

Dr. Katrina Walsh extends her practice to any woman, regardless of ability, age, national origin, religion, or sexual preference. Dr. Walsh gladly extends privacy and will attempt to follow such personal and lifestyle wishes as are allowable to keep you and your child happy and healthy. As with any service, Dr. Walsh reserves the right to decline care in situations that jeopardize or constrain the practice of medicine. Dr. Walsh is happy to accommodate differently abled adults, see first-time patients for gynecology visits, consultations, and obstetrical care. She considers it a joy and a privilege to be a small part of your life as your physician, and your partner in women's health care.

First Time Patient Guide

If you are a first time patient, Dr. Walsh would like to personally extend her warm welcome and thank you for choosing her as your medical provider! There are a few steps that would speed up your first visit:

  1. Please call and make your appointment with Dr. Walsh by calling Women's Care's front office at (972) 378-3737. Upon booking, please request your username and password for your Patient Portal.
  2. Please follow the detailed Electronic Medical Record Instructions found above.
  3. Please bring your insurance card and driver's license (or valid photo identification) to the office visit.
  4. If you have completed your online Patient Portal, you will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment. If you have not completed the Patient Portal, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.
  5. Your co-pay will be required at check-in. 
  6. Please call ahead to ask if Dr. Walsh is running on time. This will help minimize your wait time and any frustrations you may experience dealing with a busy but compassionate doctor!
  7. Please call ahead if you are running a few minutes late. If you are more than 30 minutes late to your appointment time, you may be asked to reschedule. If you are unable to make your appointment, please give adequate notice. If you do not give notice about missing your appointment 24 hours in advance, a small fee may be charged to your account.

How do I use my Electronic Medical Records?

Women's Care is going paperless! We are converting ALL patients—new and existing—to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). We ask you to please fill out your medical history, and afterwards you will be able to access your medical records, blood work, and labs at your convenience. This data center will be called your Patient Portal. 

Our office will call you 48 hours prior to your appointment to give you your EMR username and password. We ask that you refer to the link below to enter the required demographic and medical information. Please write down your username and password and keep it safe, as Women's Care is not able to reset the password for you once it has been changed.

Please go to: to fill out your medical history. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser, as EMR will not support Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge. The web browser may alert you that this is not a "trusted website," please click trust in the event this occurs. 

Once you are logged on, you will be taken to your dashboard from which there are several simple steps to follow. PLEASE HIT SAVE AFTER EVERY STEP.

  1. Click on History. Then click the tab Medical History. Fill in ALL medical history. Example: hypothyroidism, AND heart disease.
  2. After, click the next tab Surgical History, and fill in ALL surgical history. Example: knee surgery 2007.
  3. Click the following tab Social History. This requires a button that says Add New. On the drop down for type, please choose consumption. Under substance, choose alcohol. And under status, select use and frequency. Please fill in consumption use for ALL alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. Please also fill in occupation and marital status.
  4. Select the next tab Family History. There will be a list of diseases. Please select which apply to your family and to whom they belong. *Note, if cancer is in family history please fill in what type of cancer in the comment box.
  5. Select last tab OB/GYN History. Open Pregnancy History, and fill in a) Delivery Information (vaginal or caesarean), and b) any other pregnancies that may have applied. If never pregnant, please put 0. Then open Menstrual History from the drop down menu and enter information. Finally, open Gynecologic History and enter information. 
  6. Go to Meds/Allergy tab and fill in appropriately for drug allergies only from the drop down menu and all applicable medications (related and unrelated to allergies).
  7. You are now finished! Thankfully, you only have to do this once! :) 

If you have already begun your patient profile, you may log on at any time to edit your medical history as it develops. 

Once you arrive to the office, you'll also be asked to enter your demographic and insurance information into an iPad. A copy of your driver's license or state identification and insurance card will be required at each visit and photocopied. 

Dr. Walsh is pleased to accept most major health insurance providers. If you are unsure if you are covered, please call our office in advance at (972) 378-3737

How do I get my PAP/Lab results?

For Quest Labs:
1) Go to:
2) Enter username and password.
3) Go to lab results/outside labs. Click result. You will then be able to see your labs and the initials and comments of your physician. 

For Lab Corp:
The nurse will contact you when the physician reviews your labs about whether they are normal or abnormal results.