Star Salon Medical Aesthetics Spa


Dr. Walsh is pleased to offer a variety of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Patients can choose from laser treatments, injectables, and skin care from the services offered.

Meet the Beths, the dynamic spa specialist team who have more than thirteen years of combined aesthetic experience and certified with the highest of standards in performing skin rejuvenation, skin care and laser hair removal. Make your appointment today!

Free Consultation

We offer free evaluations and consultations for the services offered by the Star Salon with Blonde Beth or Brunette Beth!

Services Offered

  • Botox
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus
  • Photofacial
  • IPL Hair Reduction
  • The SkinPen
  • VI Peel
  • Varicose vein laser treatments
  • DOT Matrix resurfacing laser

Star Salon Spa Menu


Juvederm Ultra Plus With Lidocaine  |  $605

Botox  |  $14/unit
(Unit Quantity Determined Upon Free Consultation Visit)

SkinPen  |  $300  |  Full Face or Package 3/$700

VI Peel  |  $125 Each  |  Package 3/$300

 Derma-planing  |  $65

Exfoliations Between Facials  |  $25
(With Purchase of Package)

Laser Vein Therapy

For varicose and spider veins

Mandatory Consultation  |  $50*

Follow-Up Treatments  |  $150/15 minutes

*Credited toward first treatment

IPL Photofacial

For redness, blotches, discoloration in skin, and age spots
Trial Treatment (Any Area) |  $200

Full Face  |  $850/pkg. of 5

Hands or Neck  |  $350/pkg. of 5

Chest  |  $850/pkg. of 5

Half Arms  |  $1,200/pkg. of 5


Laser Hair Reduction

Simple  |  $600/pkg. of 5
Full  |  $675/pkg. of 5

$1000/pkg. of 5

Maintenance  |  $50/service

$400/pkg. of 3
Maintenance  |  $40/service

Half  |  $1200/pkg. of 6
Full  |  $2150/pkg. of 6
Half $50  |  Full $75


Half  |  $600/pkg. of 4
Full  |  $1175/pkg. of 4
Half $50  |  Full $75

Half  |  $625/pkg. of 4
Full  |  $1250/pkg. of 4
Half $50  |  Full $75
Half  |  $675/pkg.  of 6
Full  |  $1350/pkg. of 6
Half $75  |  Full $100

Full, Male  |  $1750/pkg. of 6
Maintenance  |  $50/service

Hands & Fingers
$350/pkg. of 5

Feet & Toes
$400/pkg. of 5

Upper Lip
$200/pkg. of 3

Men's Beard
$1000/pkg. of 5
Maintenance  |  $50/service

Back of Neck
$500/pkg. of 5
Maintenance  |  $50/service

What You Should Know For Your First Appointment

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first appointment.

For Photofacial, VI Peels, SkinPen, IPL Hair Reduction, and any other laser treatments:

Lasers work by sensing the contrast in skin coloration. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not tan prior to your procedure. Sun avoidance post procedure is also recommended. For hair removal, you should let your hair grow out for several days before arriving to your appointment so the laser can target the difference between skin tone and hair follicles.  No waxing or plucking hair for two weeks prior to laser treatment.  Avoid Retin-A, and sun exposure for 2 weeks prior to skin treatments.

Photofacial: Please avoid suntans or burns prior to your photofacial. Since it is sun damage that can cause skin pigment changes, please avoid sun exposure after your treatment. Your skin is very fragile at this time as it heals. Consider daily sunscreen as part of your regime. Many sun-damaged areas take several treatments to show improvements.

VI Peel: This is a chemical peel that will give you the look of a sunburn. This takes 10+ days to heal. Do not peel your skin, allow it to peel naturally. This is a wonderful treatment for skin discolorations, fine lines and mild acne scarring.

SkinPen: This is one of the hottest items in the cosmetic market. This treatment can decrease fine lines and wrinkles in areas that can not be treated with other modalities, such as lasers. An example, the fine lines under your eyes; the lines on the top of your lip. This promotes collagen which has a natural "tightening" effect on the skin. It is also a phenomenal treatment for deeper acne scars. It can tighten the neck to some degree-and all treatments can be done in about an hour. 

IPL Hair Reduction

For Injectables:

Refrain from Retin-A use for 2 weeks prior to appointment, as it makes skin hypersensitive during treatment.  If prone to fever blisters start Valtrex 3 days prior to appointment.  For lip plumping, please remove any lipstick or chapstick prior to your appointment.  No exercise for 24 hours after appointment as product can shift.

Botox: Botox may not have full effect for up to 5-7days after injection. If you have deep lines, it may take several treatments before such lines become less noticeable. An example of this, is deep "11"-lines in the brow or forehead.

Juvederm: Juvaderm fillers take 10-14 days to "settle in". For the first week after your injectables, you may have an exaggerated swelling. It is not recommended that you receive a Juvaderm treatment and go to an important event that evening. Juvaderm may also cause bruising, and this will need time to dissipate.